Remote reservation

Remote reservation

Real state in Spain is a profitable and secure capital investment. If you will buy an apartment via our agency Dva Invest & Partners, the prices for real estatefrom banks will be cheaper that the market ones by up to 20%. Furthermore, we provide the investment packages starting at €20,000 for one apartment. The services as to real estate selection will be free for you since the interest is paid by the seller. Select best offers in the section real estate!

What to do if you liked a piece of property and you wish to buy an apartment in Spain but you cannot fly to the country in the next few days? As residential properly is quickly bought, or the price can grow, we offer specially for you the service “Remote reservation”. The price of the object will remain unchanged. Within 2 months after you have reserved an apartment in Spain, you will have to conclude the purchase-and-sale deal.

How is the procedure of reservation done:

  • You contact us and inform what apartment you wish to buy in Spain;

  • You pay for the reservation, according to law, the amount of 3,000 euros in payment for the apartment, and send us your details;
  • A lawyer prepares the contract where the following data are specified: the reservation amount, the cost of the property, the method of settlement, responsibilities and obligations of the parties, registration data of the apartment;
  • You receive the contract in Spanish and English languages with the attached copy of the Certificate of ownership of an apartment in Spain to make sure that the piece of property exists;

  • The property’s owner takes it off sale at all real-estate agencies and resources where he or she placed the announcements;
  • Within 60 days, according to the contract, you need to fly to Spain to effect the deal in full.

Our offers regarding the sale of apartments from banks are very profitable, therefore they are sold quickly. The advantage of the remote reservation is that you are able to reserve the best pieces of property in Alicante and the initial cost of the object.

Furthermore, we can take on the full legal support of the transaction. We will also help to obtain a residence permitguaranteedly which will provide you a number of advantages – from a free movement around the Schengen countries to obtaining the social package. You don’t have a full amount to buy property in Spain? Call us for a quick arrangement of a mortgage loan. We are waiting for your requests!