Documents for bying real estate in Spain without a loan

Documents for bying real estate in Spain without a loan

Today the successful Europeans can afford to buy a house near the sea in Spain. The cost of real estate here is much lower than in other countries of the Western Europe. Our agency Dva Invest & Partners offers apartments from banks at competitive prices that are by 20% lower than the market prices and are sold very quickly.Inexpensive apartments in Alicante also attract foreigners due to the visa support and the opportunity to obtain a residence permit (RP) in Spain. The real estate owners can receive the Schengen multy-entry visa which allows its holder to move freely in the EU countries, or to reside in Spain up to 180 days in a year. The residence permitenables you in 10 years to submit documents for obtaining Spanish citizenship.

If you intend to buy a piece of real estate in Alicante, it is necessary to arrive to Spain and thoroughly prepare for this important event. Any transactions relating to purchase of an apartment are going here through a bank. Cash payments are not considered. As a first step, you will have to open an account at a Spanish bank since during execution of the purchase-and-sale contract you will need to present to the notary a bank check. Our agency can assist you in opening a bank account even remotely, without your presence in the country.

Documents required for purchase of real estate in Spain without loan (for citizens of the European Union if place of birth and nationality are countries of the EU):

  • Original passport
  • The foreigner identification number (NIE). If you don’t have one yet, we shall arrange a NIE in just one or two days.

In most cases, this documentation package will be sufficient for a purchase of a house near the sea in Spain. However, certain banks have their own requirements and probably you will need to present additional documents. Call us to receive full information on the specific situation.

All documents must be translated into Spanish without faults and errors, otherwise you will have to do everything anew. And it will mean waste of time and money. To save you the trouble of translating the documents, we recommend to contact our company. A sworn translator will appropriately translate the documents with a guarantee of a right result.

In order for the procedure of buying real estate in Spain to be quick and easy, contact our agency. We’ll find the best real estate in Alicante at advantageous prices. You will be also able to buy apartments from banks. You won’t find such cheap apartments anywhere else in Spain! You can reside here on your own, or build a profitable business without risks by renting out your real estate. Our agency can take on all legal questions and provide you with full legal support of transactions.