Documents for bying real estate with a loan

Documents for bying real estate with a loan

The real estate in Spain is attractive for Europeans because of its low costIf you will buy an apartment via our agency Dva Invest & Partners, it will cost you on average by 20% lessMoreover, we can help to arrange amortgage loan in Spain on favorable conditionsThe interest rate on the mortgage loan is from 1.5% per annumA quick procedure of obtaining a mortgage loan simplifies the taskHere is less paper chase and virtually no risk.

What documents are required for arranging a mortgage loan in Spain:

  1. Documents required for a purchase with a loan.
  2. Certificate from place of work on the company’s letterhead with indication of your position and the date from which you work, certified with manager’s signature and the company’s seal.

  3. Bank account statement with account activity (for the last months).

  4. Extract from bureau of credit history.

  5. Three last salary certificates
  6. Original passport

When the documentation package will be collected in fullyou will need to have it translated into SpanishYou can contact our sworn translatorwho will at once have them notarizedThis is a necessary condition for buying real estate in Spain.

The loan conditions with respect to the secondary real estate in Spain and the newly-erected buildings differ slightly.

For the secondary real estate in Spain:

  • Interest rate from 3% per annum;

  • Maximum financing 60% of the real estate cost;

  • Maximum loan term 20 years.

For the newly-erected buildings:

  • Interest rate from 1.5% per annum;

  • Maximum financing from 60% to 80% of the real estate cost;

  • Maximum loan term 20 years.

  • For residents of Spain the bank finances up to 100% from 1.5% per annum.

  • For Europeans the bank finances up to 80% from 2% per annum

Citizens of the European Union and USA for arranging a loan mortgage in Spain should prepare passportsalary certificate for 3 monthsbusiness phone number and bank account statement with account activity.

Buying real estate in Spain using a mortgage loan is a simple procedureThe approval percentage is high and there are virtually no rejections, if the documents are correct and duly translated without errorsIn order to avoid inaccurate translation into Spanishcontact a sworn translatorOur agency also offers you full legal support and assistance in obtaining a residence permit (RPin Spain.