Buying an apartment in Spain is a profitable and gainful business on renting out a piece of real estate. Apartments are much cheaper here than in many countries of Western Europe, and they are in demand for tourists to stay all year round. Also, owning real estate in Spain allows a foreigner to obtain a residence permit (RP) without any problems and to move freely about Spain and the Schengen countries. If you’ve liked some of the cheap apartments in Alicante, we recommend taking a familiarization tour to see the best real estate in Alicante and to have a look at the neighborhood of the resort paradise.

What is included into the familiarization tour:

  1. TransferWhen you arrive in Spain to look at the best real estate in Alicante, our driver will be already waiting for you at the airport. He will meet you, help you with the luggage, and take you to the chosen destination by a comfortable car.
  2. Two days of staying in an apartment. We provide you with an apartment in Spain for 2 days, so that you could make your choice and take a decision about buying a piece of property during that time. Here there is everything necessary for a comfortable stay: domestic appliances, Internet, and TV.
  3. Selecting and showing the pieces of property. We agree on the cost that is affordable for you, and look through the catalogue, after which we make trips to take a view of the apartments in Spain you’ve liked, until we find one that would suit you completely.

Pleasant news only for our agency’s clients! If you reserve a piece of real estate at our company, we’ll reimburse you for the entire amount in cash, which you’ve spent on the transfer and accommodation, after signing the contract at the notary’s office.

  • The cost of the transfer – 50 euros;
  • The apartment rent – 35 euros per day;
  • The final cleaning – 30 euros.

You can also contact the agency for any assistance, including full legal support of “turnkey” transactions, or translations of documents into Spanish by a sworn translator.

If you don’t have the whole amount for buying real estate in Spain, we’ll assist you in arranging a mortgage loanon terms that would be beneficial for you, at the average interest rate of 2.5% per annum. The local authorities are friendly towards foreign investors. This is illustrated by reduction in taxes on new-built property and legal safety when buying residential property. In Spain, risks in buying pieces of real estate in under-construction buildings are practically absent. Contact us if you have any questions left.