Procedure of real estate booking in Spain

Procedure of real estate booking in Spain

Do you want to buy a house near the sea in Spain? This is the right decision because real estate is cheap in Alicante, and there are many pleasant points: profitable business on renting out apartments to tourists, the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Spain (RP) and moving freely about the Schengen countries, and of course your rest on the Mediterranean Sea coast. Buying a piece of real estate via our agency will turn out cheaper for you than the market prices because we offer apartments from banks and assist in arranging mortgage loansat the lowest interest rates, from 1.5% per annum.

Do you like an apartment in Spain and the price for it in our catalogue, but you are out of the country now? The reservation procedure will secure for you the piece of property you’ve liked. The cost will remain unchanged as well.

How is the procedure of reservation done:

  1. You choose an apartment in Spain, send us your details, the address, and deposit the reservation amount, it is 3,000 euros in most cases.
  2. We prepare the contract where the reservation amount deposited is specified, along with the reason for purchase, the cost of the apartment in Spain, the method of settlement and the legal obligations of both parties, and also the certificate of ownership is appended to the document for you to make sure that the piece of property exists.
  3. We send you the contract, you print it out, sign it, make a scan of it, and send it to our e-mail address.
  4. You pay the reservation amount + the bank fee, and send us a copy of the document of payment. Theapartment in Spain is taken off sale at all the resources.
  5. You fly to Spain to open an account at a local bank. Then, we obtain the NIE for you in one day.
  6. After you fly back to your country, you transfer the money for the apartment into your account in Spain. The amount remitted should be 3000 euros less (the reservation amount). To save on bank fees for the cash transfer, you can bring 7000 euros with you and add them to your account on the spot.
  7. After you buy a piece of real estate in Spain, the purchase-and-sale contract is received by the notary in 3 months at the earliest. You can collect the certificate of registration of the apartment in person, or via another physical or legal person, sending an inquiry to the Registry office.
  8. If you have the escritura and the extract from the Registry, you can submit an application for a Schengen multiple-entry visa at the Spanish consulate.

The contract will be drawn up in Spanish and English. All the documents will be duly executed with our agency’s seal and signature. We’ll help you make an agreement with the apartment owner to specify a smaller amount for the piece of property in Spain in the contract. Then you’ll save a considerable sum on the taxes and execution of documents. Call us to make a reservation for the best pieces of real estate in Alicante.