Our services

Our services

There are more and more european citizens who wish to buy a house near the sea in Spain. They all have different reasons for that: spending their vacations on sunny beaches, permanent residence in the country, or putting their money into profitable investment projects. To purchase real estate in Spain, one has to be there, to know the local laws and the language, or to contact the lead real estate agency Dva Invest & Partners, which has been assisting people in buying apartments or ready businesses for many years already.

Our Services:

Transfer in Alicante

After you arrive in Spain by plane, our driver will be already waiting for you. He will meet you, help you with the luggage, and take you to any destination. While riding in a comfortable car, you can take a look at the surroundings of Alicante. The driver will also take you to inspect the pieces of real estate, to the bank, to the notary’s office, and to do other important things.

Personal manager

You’ll have a personal manager in Spain for all occasions who is on call for 24 hours a day. He will help you choose the apartment, accompany you to inspect the pieces of property, consult you, and answer your questions.

Legal support

Expert lawyers will assist you in any legal questions, and provide you with all-in-one support in the following fields: opening an account at a bank, arranging a mortgage loan, support of real estate transactions, obtaining a RP and a NIE, consultations, conclusion of contracts, etc.

Arranging mortgage loan

We cooperate with the lead banks of Spain, so we can guaranteedly assist you in getting a mortgage loan at the most advantageous interest rates (from 2.5% per annum for up to 30 years. You can prepare the package of documents, and we’ll make all the arrangements remotely, so you’ll come after you get a positive reply from the bank.

Opening an account at a bank

With a notarized power of attorney from you, we’ll be able to open an account for you at a Spanish bank without your presence in person, remotely. You won’t have to spend time and money on arriving in the country in person.

Obtaining the NIE

We’ll obtain the foreigner identification number for you in only 1 day, with which you’ll be able to perform the planned operations: get an official employment, buy an apartment in Spain, obtain the RP, arrange a mortgage loan, interact with the authorities.

Translation of documents

To execute any official transactions, you’ll need to have your documents translated into Spanish. A sworn translator will assist you in that, within whose competence it is to notarize the copies.

Obtaining the residence permit

Our agency will guaranteedly assist you in obtaining a RP in Spain within 2 months for you and your family. After an entrance visa of type D is entered in your passport, you’ll be able to come and obtain the residence permit in Spain at once.

Excursions to Costa Blanca

We’ll arrange an entertaining and informative excursion for you, showing you the most beautiful and unusual places. The friendly city of Alicante welcomes its guests with joy. After the interesting walk, you’ll surely want to stay here.

Concierge service in Alicante

Our skilled workers will perform any household tasks. The large team of employees allows us to work in all directions: from construction and repair works to small household problems and procurement arrangements. Concierge service for all occasions!

Renting out your real estate

You can completely entrust us with management of your piece of property even if you are outside of Spain. We’ll find tenants at attractive prices, control their move-in and departure, and tidy up the apartment.