Concierge service in Alicante

Concierge service in Alicante

‘Concierge Service’ – Assistance at Home

You became an owner of a piece of real estate in Alicante? Or will the deal as to buying an apartment soon take place? Congratulations on a profitable investment. You can reside here on your own or rent the apartment out and receive monthly profits. However, after a purchase of real estate in Spain you will need assistance from the part of skilled workers. Therefore our agency Dva Invest & Partners offers to use ‘Concierge service’. This service envisages all household works.

Full range or services we provide:

  • Renovation and construction works;

  • Minor household issues (e.g., replacement of a gas cylinder);

  • Apartment cleaning;

  • Connection of Internet and satellite television;

  • Communication with neighbors and managers of the house;

  • Procurement arrangement;

  • And other assistance in all issues you may require.

The workers of the agency Dva Invest & Partners are able to perform virtually all household tasks, from finishing and plumbing works to minor repairs and furniture assembly. We have a large workforce who are waiting for your requests so as to arrive and help you. A well-organized system of work with employees allows us to render to the customer any services on the day of receiving the request. Our skilled workers enjoy popularity and have a good reputation, so you can entrust them with all household works. Our customers trust us and appreciate high service quality.

What our customers say:

“I thank the agency Dva Invest & Partners for their assistance. At first they helped me find real estate in Alicante. Then I ordered the apartment renovation. Everything has been done quickly and with high quality. It is nice to have your own people in Spain. Now we are engaged in obtaining the RP.”

“I have been living in Alicante for over 2 years. I often use ‘Concierge service’ for various tasks. They helped me assemble furniture, made a renovation. I apply for this service even for minor problems, for example, repair of a tap etc. They work very fast.”

I am renting out the apartment in Alicante on a daily basis, and I am staying in Russia. I have entrusted the agency with all works, from apartment cleaning via ‘Concierge service’ to property management. I like everything.”

Put all routine concerns on the shoulders of our specialists. Why should you bother doing household works, if in the same time you can have a pleasant walk through the city or order an excursion in Alicante.

Also please note that our agency will assist you in obtaining a residence permit in Spain within only two months,arranging a mortgage loan for a purchase of a house near the sea and selecting for you inexpensive best real estate in Alicante without middlemen.