Translation of documents in Spain

Translation of documents in Spain

Sworn Translator

Sworn Translator in Spain

Sworn Translator in Spain

Any transaction implies a package of the appropriate documents. For example, you decided to buy a house near the sea in Spain or a ready business. You will need to have all documents duly translated in writing in Spanish by a sworn translator. This is a mandatory procedure. A minor error or shortcoming in the translation may prevent you from striking a deal, this is why we strongly suggest that you don’t approach a translator and a notary separately as the practice shows that it most cases it is necessary to redo the documents. A translator is not responsible for the correctness of a document, and proofreading of a translation is not a duty of a notary.

Our agency Dva Invest & Partners offers services of a competent sworn translator. He or she, in one person, will translate and notarize the document’s copy and its translation.

The advantages in choosing a sworn translator:

  • He or she bears responsibility for correctness of the translation, notarization of documents is within the scope of his or her competence;

  • Literacy and skills are verified at the state level, therefore errors have been reduced to zero;

  • Law on a sworn translator provides that the specialist will be held accountable if damage has been caused through his or her fault;

  • In order to maintain his or her status of a sworn translator, he or she passes examinations and is attested every 5 years;

  • He or she is obliged to make notes on his or her business activities in the book of business activity registration.

This proves yet again that the sworn translator would not make errors and will do everything correctly.

How translations are performed by a sworn translator:

  • He or she receives documents from the customer (the original and original copies);

  • Issues an invoice and receives payment;

  • Translates documents and notarizes the translated documents;

  • Delivers them to the customer.

Important! Only a correct translation without errors and duly notarized documents, in conformity with the Spanish legislation, will be admitted for examination in various instances, for example, in a bank for arranging a mortgage loan in Spain.

Why the services of a sworn translator are required? If you are planning to apply for a long-stay visa, buy a house near the sea in Spain, a land plot, arrive to work or to study, purchase a ready businessarrange a mortgage loan, open a bank account and so on, you will require a correct translation of documents. Contact our agency. The translator will do everything as soon as possible. Call us for a consultation.