About us

About us

Our Strength Is Responsibility Towards Customers

The real estate market of Spain attracts investors seeking opportunities for secure investment. The house prices here are relatively low, and the advantages of buying an apartment in Alicante are evident.Purchase of a house near the sea in Spain is a pleasant thing, however, foreigners should have a certain knowledge of legislation, language and other nuances. In order to strike a successful deal and receive the best real estate in Spain, contact our agency Dva Invest & Partners.

Why it is worth to buy real estate via our agency?

  • You will become an owner of an apartment in Spain at the perfect price. We’ll offer you real estate directly from investors, private sellers and from closed auctions from banks.

  • We’ll find a piece of real estate in accordance with your requirements. You communicate to us your wishes concerning future apartment in Spain (price, area, region etc.), we look for the best option and show the object ‘live’.

  • If you don’t have the full amount for an apartment, we’ll help you arrange a mortgage loan at the lowest interest rate (from 1.5% per annum, for the term of up to 30 years) without risks and paper chase. You can provide us with the package of documents staying in your country and wait for a positive reply from the bank.

  • We have a partnership relationship with the leading banks, therefore a ‘tasty morsel’ can become yours. For example, an apartment from a bank costs € 50, 000. You’ll receive it just for € 40, 000 thanks to a discount which our agency will get.


Except for purchasing real estate in Spain, you can contact our agency for many other aspects. The best lawyers of Alicante are our partners. If you’ll need legal support, please contact us.

You need to arrange a residence permit (RP) in SpainCompetent lawyers will help you draw it up. You’ll guaranteedly receive the RP within 2 months which will automatically give you a number of benefits, ranging from the social package (medicine, education, preferences, allowances) to a free movement around the Schengen countries.

Furthermore, we offer you to examine such issues as a ready business, investment projects, apartments from € 20, 000, unfinished construction projects, land plots for construction, hotels, hostels. You’ll be able to profitably invest your capital and quickly multiply it. We’ll assist you in selecting the most attractive project.

Caring for customers

In Spain as at home! You will be met and brought to a comfortable apartment. A personal manager will stay in touch with you 24 hours a day, therefore you can count on a consultation any time. Visits to the objects will be arranged until the result you require is achieved. Having bought the best real estate in Alicante, you have no time to be engaged with it? Then let us continue to cooperate! We’ll take care of all matters related to renting out your apartment and ensure full control of the real estate. Call us or write us via Skype (login dvainvest). We are waiting for your calls. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy a house near the sea in Spain and obtain the RP. The agency Dva Invest & Partners is located in Spain in the center of the resort city Alicante.